Why I’m a ‘Dior Addict’ and You Should Be Too!

I don’t think a girl can ever have enough glitz or glam. That’s why I take my favorite Dior products with me wherever I go. Small and compact, I always have room for Dior in my purse, but I usually start with the basics of eyes, lips, and nails.

If you really want to know what kind of mood I’m in, all you have to do is look at the shimmer of my eyeshadow, the tint of my lips, or the color of my nails. My bubbly pink lipstick often mirrors my happiness and optimism for the day while my night time looks show a glimpse of my wild side. When the sun sets, I’m quick to trade in my daytime lights to a bold red and smoky eye. These looks help ensure my nights turn out just like my mood, fun and mischievous.

While my moods change from day to day, there’s one thing that doesn’t – my busy schedule. My hours often keep me out all day long, so I need products that will help me with an easy transition. In the early hours, my eyes are usually donned in the light pinks of palette #887 Thrill. It’s ideal for a quick, subtle look, and the combination of nude, ivory, and pinks make for a bright start to my morning. Who ever said “less is more” wasn’t talking about makeup. For my long days, the sister palette, 667 Flirt, is never far from the ‘thrill.’ With beautiful deep browns and blacks, it’s perfect for transitioning from a bright morning eye to a sultry nighttime glam.

How could any look ever be completed without lipstick? From a bright smile to a coy smirk, my lips are often stained in Dior’s Lip Glow. For a soft and hydrating nude, I usually reach towards 001 Pink. When I’m in the mood to shine a little brighter, 008 Ultra-Pink doesn’t leave my side. For a deeper, sexier nude, the 102 Matte Raspberry is my lip color of choice.

While my eyes and lips often mirror my literal thoughts and opinions, the true statement comes with nail polish. With light pinks and deep purples, how could I choose just one? Clearly, I can’t, so I’ll share my favorites. For the everyday shade, I’ve fallen in love with the peachy pink of 557 Love.

Never one to shy away from a fashion statement, the unique pink/purple mix of 674 Desire is also a must-have for me. Pairing well with the Glow Addict Edition: 5 Couleurs palette, 787 Thrill and 993 Flirt are two colors I often reach for. Between this light burgundy and shimmering blackened purple, these two shades are essential looks for a night out.

Caught in between these beautiful shades of pink, red, and purple, I can’t seem to choose a favorite. When given eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail polish, they all help me create my essential morning looks.

Makeup allows me to be who I want when I want. Often times, I start my mornings with the desire to be soft and romantic with fifty shades of pink. At some point during the day, I feel the urge to become bold and sexy with red lips and a dark polish.

Thanks to my favorite Dior products, I never have to worry about the transition. With its compact packaging ideal for my handbag and its colorful variety perfect for a mood change, a quick makeover is only a purse away.

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