Birthday Celebration Continues in Miami at NoBu Hotel

Have you ever had a birthday that you just didn’t want to end? I know I have! My birthday was April 10th but that didn’t stop me from spending most of the month celebrating with friends and family. Finally, after a couple weeks worth of festivities, I thought, ‘OK, it’s time to get back to reality.’ But then, in a fit of Aries inspiration, I booked a list minute trip to Miami to close my birthday month properly.

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I knew Miami was going to be amazing. For my accommodations I partnered with Nobu Hotel. They really (and I mean really) rolled out the red carpet. As I walked to my room, the bellhop told me that I had the best view on my floor. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that this was no exaggeration. I had a beach front corner suite with a wrap-around balcony – truly “room with a view”!

After getting settled in my suite I got ready for an early dinner at MakotoI was super excited to be meeting up with my friend Nicky. We hadn’t seen each other in months. so I was really looking forward to catching up with her.

Not only was dinner a blast it was also delicious. We ordered just about everything on the menu. In between bites of the Truffle Ponzu Salmon and Uni, we laughed, giggled and shared stories. After dinner, I went back to the hotel, so I could prepare for my early-morning resort shoot the next day. With hair and makeup scheduled for 6 a.m., I definitely needed a good nights rest.

The photo shoot lasted a half a day, and by the afternoon I was ready to start enjoying my vacation. My initial plan was to head down to the pool, but with the South Florida sun shining bright in the cloudless sky, the beach called may name. After all, “I’m in Miami!”, right?

After walking across the warm sand down to the beautiful blue ocean, I found myself a comfy cabana bed to lay on. I stretched out, soaked in the sun and listened to the calming sound of the waves washing up on the sandy shore. Now, this is what a holiday is supposed to be like! After a nice tanning session, I wondered back up to the hotel pool to listen to a DJ spin some tropical beats until my next activity: The Massage.

I had decided on a “Keep Calm” massage, and I’m soo glad I did! I spent the next 50 minutes in a deep state of total relaxation. I also got an “H2O Facial”. Let me tell you, after an amazing afternoon of spa treatments I was ready for another night out!

That night I met Nicky again for diner. We had dinner reservations at Forge. There’s nothing quite like an upscale steakhouse like Forge! The food and atmosphere are to die for. As usual, we had a great time. The music was pumpin’ and we had the best table in the house. I recommend the table side Caesar salad, which is big enough to share. However, make sure to get this without onions. Trust me on this! Also, the Crispy Crab Cake and Filet Mignon with Black Truffle Jus made for the perfect appetizer/entree combo.

After dinner, it was time to hit LIV, one of the hottest clubs in Miami. The club definitely pulled out all the stops for Nicky and I. First, the DJ surprised me by wishing me a happy birthday shout out on the mic. Then, eight waitresses came out holding two large LED pictures of us. Did I mention that our our birthdays are only a week apart? Sitting in the club, thought to myself, ‘Wow, this is what it must feel like to be a Hip-Hop star like Drake.

After a night of dancing and celebrating I was happy to get some more down time on Saturday. While I spent most of the day on the beach, I also had the opportunity to sample Malibu Farm menu a day before their Miami grand opening. They opened their first two locations in Malibu and Newport Beach and soon came Lanai, Hawaii, and now they’re officially in Miami too. I love this place!

That night I decided to keep a low profile and have dinner at my hotel. What better choice than Nobu Restaurant? I knew everything would be delicious, and I decided on the Omakase from the multi-course tasting menu.

Strolling on the Beach

I turned in early Saturday and went for an early Sunday morning stroll on the beach. As I watched the sun slowly rise and felt soft sand between my toes, I was able to reflected on my trip. I thought about how blessed I was for the opportunity visit such a beautiful city, spend time my friends and share my experiences with all of you.

Speaking of friends, I was able to reconnect with another friend before my trip ended. When I found out that Alec Monopoly was in town, I knew I couldn’t leave without catching up. He had recently moved to Miami from LA. We met up for lunch, talked about his upcoming projects and reminisced about the good ol’ days back in LA LA land.

I spent a whirlwind weekend in Miami, but by Monday afternoon I was on a plane right back to Dallas. With a combination of good people, food, and music, Miami is an amazing place and I’m definitely looking forward to going back soon!

Have any of you been to Miami? Are there any places you think I should check out the next time I go? Please share your experiences with me!


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