Balenciaga Earrings: The Big Jewelry Fall Trend for 2018

They say iconic fashion trends never die, and this year has proven that statement to be true. Oversized polos from Raf Simons, belt bags (or “fanny packs”) from Gucci, and cargo pants from Topshop have all made it onto the runway.

What does that mean for us fashion aficionados? Well, for me, it means a whole new way to interpret these vintage styles. Personally, I’m falling in love with the jewelry trends accompanying these new, old styles.

We’re talking brooches, chokers, and chunky chains. But what am I most excited about? What’s the last accessory that you put on when heading out to a gathering? From a friend’s casual garden party to a night on the red carpet, you can’t forget your crowning accessory: earrings!

Earrings can seem like an afterthought, but when you want to make a big statement, it’s a piece you can’t do without. A twin set of gorgeous earrings complete any look. That’s why big brands took to the runway this year with in-your-face earring styles that had everyone saying “wow!”

This year, we’re seeing a trend of large earrings with 80s and 90s inspirations. Personally, I plan to take full advantage of this trend for 2018. That’s why I splurged on these amazing Balenciaga earrings. Like, whoa! These are so yummy, they’re practically edible. The clip ons make a statement anywhere I wear them. I’ve paired them with everything from formal dresses or some distressed jeans.

For me, earrings perk up an outfit. When I look into the mirror for my last check, I always ask myself, “what am I missing?” Sometimes the one thing that ties a look together is a statement accessory. We’re talking oversize bags, a large faced watch or earrings like these opulent Balenciagas.

Iconic Earrings…All this earring talk has me thinking. Earrings are important culturally and from a fashion perspective. Why? Earrings symbolize many things. For some cultures, we’re talking tribalism, status and standards. They are placed prominently near the face, to bring out the natural beauty in every person. There’s something costume-like about wearing earrings: like a mask that leaves your face shining to the world.

Earrings, like most accessories, are statement pieces that emphasize the grace in any woman. A dangling earring draws attention to long line of the neck. For instance, these emerald beauties from Balenciaga almost rest upon the shoulder. They both hide and elevate the space between the ear and shoulder.

I want my earrings to inspire my overall look. The details added by designers make them tiny works of art. They have the potential to boost any plain outfit out into the atmosphere. We’re talking cosmic style, baby. Next level high fashion! There’s something blissful about finding the right earring for the season. Because of their versatility, I feel like I can wear these babies over and over. They are like bright green rock candy, and everyone wants a bite.

People really do notice the fashion choices you make. That’s why it’s so important to choose your pieces wisely. So, if you’re going to make a statement, make it count. Be bold! I’m so happy I made the choice to get these earrings. I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to wear them because, duh. They’re amazing for all the right reasons: pearled emerald face and bright gold hardware that just won’t quit.

If you love 2018 vintage earring trends as much as I do, check out some of the styles below. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out and make a true fashion statement!

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