Hola México: Fairytale Vacation to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas had been on my list of vacation spots to go to back for ages. With 300 glorious days of sunshine, white sandy beaches and picturesque Mexican sunsets, who wouldn’t want to go back to Cabo? And besides, it’s just a two-hour flight from Los Angles and a two-and-a-half-hour flight from Dallas. But for whatever reason, I could never find either the time or the perfect “moment” to pack up my favorite bikinis and head back to the paradise that is Cabo.

But that all changed when a friend’s wedding finally led me the Mexican state of Baja California and to the “muy bonita” beachfront town of Cabo San Lucas! I was finally going to stroll on those heavenly beaches all over again while taking in the happening night life that is Cabo San Lucas!

After landing at the Cabo San Lucas International Airport I was greeted by a personal chauffeur. Driving into town, past exquisite fire pits and jaw-dropping landscapes, I felt like I was in a fairytale ready to embark on my dream vacation.

As soon as I stepped out of the car at the iconic One&Only Palmilla Resort, I was greeted by eight friendly staff members, all with huge smiles on their faces. My trip was off to a great start! The rest of my stay would involve lots of pampering, incredible service and breathtaking views of Cabo’s majestic ocean views and sunsets.

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Since opening its doors in 1956, the One&Only Palmilla Resort has come to be known as a secret celebrity hideout for A-list superstars like George Clooney and Cindy Crawford. It’s no secret why celebrities flock to the One&Only; located on a secluded bluff that overlooks the deep blue Sea of Cortez, the One&Only is the epitome of luxury!

I had my very first lunch in Cabo San Lucas at Breeze. While I was waiting to check-in, I decided to relax by the beach and grab a bite. After instantly falling in love with the food, and the calming sounds of the waves washing up on the nearby shore, Breeze would become my go-to breakfast and lunch eatery for the rest of my trip.

Since arriving I had heard all about Chef Larbi Dahrouch’s magical culinary skills and the breathtakingly beautiful Agua by Larbi restaurant. If you love authentic Mexican cuisine then this is an experience you won’t want to pass up! As if enjoying a meal prepared by Chef Larbi wasn’t enough, he took the time to come over to my table and personally ask me what I thought of the food (I loved it – thank you Chef)!

Some other restaurants that I loved were the upscale Suviche Restaurant and exquisite Seared Restaurant. The gorgeous interior design and delicious food of both these restaurants was absolutely incredible!

Adventure in Cabo San Lucas

In addition to lots of fine dining, I also enjoyed a variety of action-packed (and fun) activities, like scuba diving and deep-sea fishing while staying at the One&Only. I also took advantage of the complimentary “non-motorized watersports” offered by the resort like paddle boarding, kayaking, and boogie boarding.

Pairing my mini-adventures during the stay with some time to relax, I also enjoyed a rejuvenating pedicure called the “Type A” Signature Experience. This included a 60-minutes’ worth of therapy while three therapists worked on me in harmony. I case you hadn’t guessed, this treatment sent me straight to heaven!

To top that off, I also received and One&Only Aromatherapy Massage. This one-of-a-kind massage was recommended to me after a personal consultation in order to ensure that I received the perrrrfect massage.

If you’re wondering if Cabo was all that I had hoped for (and imagined), well, let me tell you, it was definitely all that and more. Oh, and if you are thinking of a planning a destination wedding, take a look at One&Only’s gorgeous chapel – believe me, it’s the perfect place to have your dream wedding!

¡Hasta luego!!!


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